Welcome to "The Chapman Report"

Many of you may have seen some of Jeff Chapman's video's on our NCX Youtube site...  Well, here on this new page on the NCX website we will be featuring his monthly update series called "The Chapman Report".  The format for his video-oriented news show will be a an 8-10 minute fast-paced video update that will cover all things NCX including; programs and services updates, major new cyber threats reported, new scanning and monitoring programs, and providing coverage of some of our major cyber security, training and education initiatives.  This will be a publicly viewable show on our website and on our forum, (that will also be playable on smartphones through the NCX app).


The Chapman Report - April 2019 
 The Chapman Report - June 2019
Cyber Overview - Jeff Chapman - Pivotal Path 
Chapman Report - Promo


For NCX Members:  The Cyber Deep Dive Documentary:

And for our CyberCitizen, CyberExecutive, and CyberISPro members you will be able to access a spcialized cyber security documentary series that Jeff will be producing called, "Cyber Deep Dive".   Over the course of a year, Jeff will be working with various members of the NCX team to also develop and produce a quarterly longer-form video program or "Cyber Deep Dive Documentatry" which will be an indepth study of a specific cyber security topic, a review of previously discovered and documented attacks with best-practice reviews from cyber professionals, summaries of Cyber Insurance options from Cyber Insurance industry professionals, and other related topics.






Cyber Glossary

If you're confused about the "myriad" of terms and the lexicon for Cyber Security: clickheresm

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