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Affordable Legal and Identity Theft Protection

LegalShieldAppsLegalShield and IDShield provide the legal and identity theft protection you and your family need and deserve.

And NCX has special Member rates for NCX Members: (See below)

LegalShield Plan Benefits*:

• Legal Advice and Consultation
• Dedicated Law Firm
• Over 45 years of experience in providing
legal memberships
• Legal Document Preparation and Review
• Letters and Phone Calls Made on Your Behalf
• Speeding Ticket Assistance
• Will Preparation/Durable Power of Attorney/
Living Will
• 24/7 and 365 days a year Emergency
• And More!

IDShield Plan Benefits*:

• Identity Consultation and Advice
• Dedicated Licensed Private Investigators
• Identity and Credit Monitoring
• Social Media Monitoring
• Child Monitoring
• Complete Identity Restoration
• Identity Threat and Credit Inquiry Alerts
• 24/7 Emergency Access
• And More!

*Restrictions may apply. See your summary plan description for details.

(1) matters against the Employer, Company, or Provider Law Firm,
(2) matters deemed by the attorney to lack merit, or violate any ethics rules,
(3) matters outside the United States,
(4) matters involving any Member which arises due to business matters or interests including: Ownership, management, or association with a business, partnership, corporate entity, or trust, any income producing property or venture no matter the nature, full time or part time including use of a commercial vehicle,
(5) Fines, court costs, filing fees, ad litem fees, penalties, expert witness fees, bonds, bail bonds and out of pocket expenses,
(6) any person who is a party in a lawsuit against the Company or is named as a defendant in a lawsuit by the Company shall not receive Services during the lawsuit,
(7) matters covered by any insurance policy,
(8) services related to patent, trademark or copyright matters,
(9) Services where, in the Provider Law Firm’s Professional Judgment, the requested Service is unnecessary or unwarranted for adequate advice, or would be in violation of any ethics laws, or frivolous, or with no merit, and
(10) Native American legal issues including matters related to Indian Tribes and tribal governments including legal issues before federal, tribal and/or state courts, administrative bodies, arbitration panels or arbitrators, tribunals and/ or hearing panels, judges, or officers.

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