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CAMA has partnered with the National Cyber Exchange (NCX) and its Cybersecurity Technology Solution Providers, to offer you a comprehensive approach to Cybersecurity “Peace of Mind”… 

The CAMA Cybersecurity Shield


  • unlockgraphic2A Free cloud-based cyber assessment to identify vulnerabilities within your company and your supply chain
  • DoD contract compliance, (800-171) at reduced costs, depending on company size and scope requirements.
  • Low-cost monitoring and vunerability scanning for long term cybersecurity sustainment needs
  • Most favorable Cyber Insurance Rates based on your improved cybersecurity profile
  • Discounted personal ID Protection for each of your employees through NCX and IDShield




"CAMA and NCX's certified Cybersecurity Technology Partners have protected my company's IP information, data, documents, and manufacturing hardware and software from manipulation, damage and theft. This program has already proven to be worth the expense, and it's an investment that most likely will return dividends for years to come for my business."

"In my opinion, this is an investment that manufactures can no longer avoid without substantial risk."

- Dave Jeffrey, JPM Prototype & Mfg, Inc.

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To learn more about the CAMA|NCX Cybersecurity Alliance as well as our strategic cyber insurance and cybersecurity partners Please contact a CAMA/NCX Specialist via Email at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Or by phone direct at NCX at: (719) 785-0320 ext 708

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Cyber Glossary

If you're confused about the "myriad" of terms and the lexicon for Cyber Security: clickheresm

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