WCX Workforce Development

WCX will support workforce development through a number of activities:

  • Industry– University Requirements Panel
  • Degree Curriculum Support
  • Industry Certificates and Advanced Industry
  • requirements
  • Learning Events– Exercises, Lecture Series Webinars

Through the Forum Portal, Members Receive

  • Alerts and Communication
  • App for Apple or Android
  • Instant Messaging
  • RSS Feeds
  • Articles
  • Calendar
  • Library
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One of the main objectives of the WCX workforce development program is to enhance the communication between industry and educational institutions.  Knowledge and skills will be addressed and needs cataloged for future use.  Hands-On learning will likewise be identified.

WCX  will work closely with educational institutions in the Rocky Mountain region and support curriculum development as needed, and to pro-actively develop internships within member organizations so graduates will have industry experience when they graduate.
WCX has worked with UCCS, University of Wyoming, University of New Mexico,  Colorado Technical University, Webster University and collaborated with  other educational organizations on behalf of its members

WCX Members receive access to cybersecurity workforce development and certification training at below market rates. As part of the corporate memberships, each corporate member will receive a number of seats for certification classes and test proctoring and the individual member will receive deep discounting for the certificate classes.  The cost of these types of training certifications typically runs between $3,000 and $5,000.  Additional WCX CYBERSECURITY CERTIFICATION TRAINING classes including certification testing, offered through WCX, are estimated to average less than $2000 per employee, which is significantly below national averages.  In most cases, the training provided and discounts available to members exceed the cost of the membership.  WCX will also provide a supporting environment providing mentor-ship to individuals seeking certification and coordinating group study reviews and other helpful activities.


  • WCX Cyber Citizen Certification
  • WCX Vendor Cyber Certification
  • A+   
  • CISSP(Certified Information Systems Security Professional)   
  • Cloud Essentials     
  • IT Fundamentals
  • Network +
  • Security +


  • Cloud +
  • Coaching
  • CTT (Certified Technical Trainer)
  • Cyber Fundamentals and Strategy
  • Cyber Law Compliance(ISC)2
  • NIMS
  • PHR/SPHR Certification
Connecting employers and qualified individuals seeking employment is another key aspect to workforce development.  As such, WCX will provide a posting function in the member portal for positions needed by employers and resumes of applicants.
WCX Members will also receive salary survey information for cybersecurity professionals in the recommended region. Members will be provided information and statistics to help them build and keep the talented team they need to keep their company competitive and secure. 
The WCX will assist members in matching up their specific business workforce development with state and federal work force development funding that as of June 30, 2015 will require corresponding industry-specific certification programs in order to access workforce development funding. 
The WCX technical certifications are designed to meet the individual needs of all of employers in the Rocky Mountain region.  WCX certifications will help you build the 21st century workforce you need to meet the contracting requirements for subcontractors by prime contractors.

Example of possible additional savings:  WCX Cybersecurity Certification classes and testing are generally believed to be priced at $2,150 below comparable training certification classes. So, if your company sends only six employees to the WCX certification classes the attribute estimated savings would be $13,800 plus one free certification class which has an estimated value of $4,000. The total savings resulting from your membership in the WCX under this scenario would be $16,900!