Cyber Threat Center

WCX Unique Capabilities:

WCX maintains its Cyber Security Operations Center in Colorado Springs which can connect directly with “ WCX HUBS” located throughout Colorado and the Rocky Mountain region.  This center is part of a nation –wide network of cyber centers capable of sharing threat information.


WCX has demonstrated its capability to securely communicate with other similar organizations by exchanging a ’Threat Message’ with the Advanced Cyber Security Center in Boston.  WCX is also in communications with Information Sharing and Analysis Centers (ISAC) representing their respective sectors of the critical infrastructure.

The WCX securely facilitates the sharing of information between businesses using Secured Encrypted Communications Systems so that companies may be aware of threats and the best responses available to respond to ever-changing cyber threats.   WCX cyber threat database allows for analysis and rapid malware triage and phishing email analysis. WCX maintains cybersecurity incident response capability practices for Members.

Threat Sharing:

The WCX CYBER THREAT CENTER uses the state-of-the-art COLLABORATIVE RESEARCH INTO THREATS (CRITs) analysis tool, which  was developed by MITRE Corporation and is also used by The Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Threat Alerts:

WCX participates in a National Federation Threat Sharing Model- a Federation of Federations.  This collaboration helps develop usable data and best practices for cyber- security throughout the United States.

Hands-on Training and Testing

At the WCX Ops Center cyber researchers work side-by-side focusing on strategic research that translates most effectively into practical use for businesses in the Rocky Mountain Region.  WCX Labs develops cross – business sector collaboration among industry, universities and government entities resource  to address the most critical cybersecurity challenges in a secure manner.
WCX may act as a proving ground for prototype products and for the development of next-generation cyber warriors, R&D and education

WCX Member Services from the TRC:

The WCX provides Members Only access to the expertise and capabilities of the WCX Threat Response Center (TRC)

  1. Members also receive warnings of potential threats accumulated from the broadest possible sources, organized and provided to Members by WCX.

  2. Members may also participate in “live exercises” with other businesses and government organizations to help test real-life business recovery practices.

  3. WCX provides Members with a secure way to share information and learn from each other concerning cyber threats, hacking, phishing, social engineering, etc. by requiring that all WCX Members online communications is conducted using WCX Secured Encrypted Communications Systems provided to Members by WCX. WCX Members also have access to WCX Suspicious Email Analysis providing detailed information concerning the nature of phishing email threats.

  4. The WCX volunteer Cyber Brigade will assist members in case of an incident if requested by the member.

  5. In the event of a regional cyber disaster WCX will act as an information center for Members along with suggested protective actions.

  6. WCX Members have access to up-to-date information concerning cyber threats that would be difficult to obtain as an independent business.

  7. Members receive “how to instructions” for specific threats based on information securely gathered from the actual experiences of other WCX members and partners.

  8. WCX transforms large amounts of data into usable data relevant to Members individual business operations.

  9. Members are provided technical threat information affecting hardware and software and also threat information related to the ways “bad guys” try to trick your company personnel into providing access to your business systems.

  10. Membership provides usable “big data” information through diverse subject matter expertise, technology and behavioral science monitoring.

  11. Members receive the benefits of the Force Multiplier Effect from the power of secured, encrypted collaboration with other businesses and organizations.

  12. Members receive WCX capabilities that have heretofore only been available to America’s largest companies or government agencies but are now available to your business through WCX membership.

  13. WCX Labs Provides Members with cross business-sector collaboration among industry, university, and government entities organized to address the most critical cybersecurity challenges.