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The risk of continual cyber-attacks affects us all – individuals, small and large businesses across all sectors, and all levels of government. There is a current readiness capability gap at the community and regional level. Because community risk is a community problem to solve, the NCX has been organized to meet this issue head-on. The National Cyber Exchange uses multiple vectors to bring members leading-edge information, actionable threat data, and training. 

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Membership Information

Membership Benefit Matrix

The NCX membership levels, annual dues, and benefits are summarized below.  The three corporate levels include large coprorations, small companies, and non-profit organizations.  The Cyber Professional level is tailored to individuals pursuing a career in the cyber arena or with ongoing practices.  The Member level is intended for non-technical individuals that need to manage cyber risk who are looking for information and resources.  Students will be active in NCX and will receive scholarships and opportunities to volunteer and participate in ongoing events.

The Membership Features, Functional Benefits, and Member Benefits offered to members of the NCX are shown in the member pyramid.  There are many features available through NCX and members can take advantage of those most suited to their needs.  The functional benefits satisfy key needs of American industry by increasing awareness, training and developing staff, and developing effective plans for business continuity.  The resultant benefits to the members are reduced risk, managed liabilities, resiliency and competitive advantage.  Businesses without these will soon find themselves at a serious disadvantage as clients, customers, and employees will soon be screening businesses based on the risk they perceive.  The treat is huge
for small businesses in particular.

The NCX Provides ...


Cyber Threat Center (CTC)

  • Information Sharing and Analysis Organization (ISAO)
  • Cyber Intelligence & Alerts
  • Cyber Intelligence Analysis
  • Volunteer Cyber Response Team

Workforce Development

  • Certificates and Certification
  • Cyber Training Exercises
  • Supporting as Needed Degree Students at Universities

Resource Clearing House

  • Technical Support
  • Incident Support
  • Standards Compliance Support
  • Cyber Legal Support
  • Cyber Insurance Programs,  Cyber Risk Retention Group Access, and Underwriting Support
  • Capital Investment Access

Cyber Thought Leadership Program & Events



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Organizations wishing to join NCX will be contacted by a staff member after filling out the form below.  The NCX will verify the good standing of the corporation making application and a membership agreement will be sent to the applicant.