The are a number of programs designed by WCX to support best practices and standards implementation.  These include:

  1. Members Portal with Mobile App
  2. User Forums
  3. Exercises
  4. Education Programs at Universities
  5. Training Programs
    • Cyber Citizen
    • Professional Certificates
    • Experiential “Hands-On” Training Events
    • Training for RMF and Standards Implementation
  6. Quarterly Member Meetings
  7. Speaker Series
  8. Cyber Thought Leadership Events

    The WCX Members Only Portal

    The WCX Members Only Portal is designed to provide 24 hour access to up-to-the-minute online resources that are specifically relevant to businesses operating in the Rocky Mountain region of the United States.

    This exclusive Members only service provides a wide array of useful practical tools along with technology White-Papers and current articles focusing on technology and cyber security for businesses.

    The WCX Members only portal will also provide members with a WCX Daily Members Brief focusing on specific known and or anticipated cybersecurity threats and relevant global and national business intelligence informationtailored for the Rocky Mountain Region.  The WCX Daily Members Brief will also include relevant and timely security information provided to WCX from various government organizations such as information gathered at regional Information Analysis Centers. The WCX Daily Members Brief will contain information not routinely available to individual companies. Additionally, the WCX Daily Members Brief will provide relevant information related to our regional critical infrastructure and how it effects businesses in the Rocky Mountain region.

    Information related to social network Trends and online risk management will also be included in the WCX Daily Members Brief giving you and your business daily insight into the potential threats.


    Members meet quarterly providing significant networking opportunities and each of the quarterly meetings include a keynote speaker or panel of experts addressing critical topics. 

    These meetings include speakers addressing best practices, trends, and other topics of interest to members.  The quarterly meetings are frequently held in conjunction with training events and/or exercises and continuing education certificates are provided.

    Members will also be provided the opportunity to attend WCX Advanced Thought Leadership meetings facilitated by WCX which include experts on a variety of topics important to achieving cyber resilience.